Sheffield Sabrecats Pom Squad // Pre-match display // Varsity, March 2014


Best Friends // Riverside Live, Sheffield // 28/03/14.


Sheffield University Rugby 3rd Team, Half-time Huddle // Varsity, March 2014


Sheffield Sabrecats Pom Squad // Pre-Varsity Rehearsal, 25/03/14

I love it when I get in to work in the morning and drunk people from an event the night before have thrown a sign in the pool.

Live jazz + parents buying the drinks (at Ye olde mitre inn)


Somerset House, 17 July 2014.


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Anonymous asked: I really, really, *really* wish we could have seen just a bit higher in that ice bath picture.

well now

Sheffield grime going in

Lifeguarding at an outdoor pool isn’t as good as it sounds when you’re working 10 hour shifts in 30 degree heat

Ice baths (or as close as I can be bothered to get) suck.

Sunbathing in bibs #tanlines